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It provides our customers with a one-time password via SMS send to
their mobile phones. It gives them wireless secure access to web-
based application when they do not have DPS tokens on hands.
  DPS Mobile simplifies and provides customer with an alternative choice when they
do not have tokens on hands during authentication process. The deployment is
relatively easy without introducing new equipment and installing complicated
software. The mobile phone is used as a DPS token.
  A 2 factors authentication policy is being applied. The user needs to provide both email address and a user-defined password to trigger the service in an online computer. The service is supported by a central server where dynamic password are created and distributed to the mobile users through SMS. This feature can ONLY be activated by administrator of a company. This SMS “One-time” Password is only valid within 15 minutes and this further prevents the risk of being stolen by the third party.  
Deployment of DPS Mobile is very easy and straightforward without requiring a lot of installation, support and maintenance. There are no clients, drivers or hardware solutions, which have to be installed and maintained in workstations or your mobile phone. This will minimize the support/maintenance of the system and keep you in control of the security.
How does DPS Mobile work?
DPS includes web-based interface for setting up rules and routines on how users, individuals or groups can request or receive SMS One-time Password under request. Administrator can enable and disable DPS Mobile service in a particular user account profile.
On-request of a SMS One-time password, only 3 simple steps
The users visits DPS Mobile Service Website
Using their email address and user-defined password to login
Trigger the send out.
The user may receive a SMS message from mobile phone with a few seconds.
         Make your mobile
phone become a DPS
Join DPS Mobile Service,
you can get your DPS
password via SMS to
your mobile phone...
Know about the DPS
Mobile Service Fee...
The DPS Mobile Service fee depends on the mobile network providers, it will be charged on number of SMS basis. The rate is varied from different countries...
DPS Mobile for iPhone is here...
Today we are
taking our first
step into that new
mobile world with
a new DPS Mobile
Login Page designed
just for iPhone at dpsmobile.com/iphone
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